Six Tips when Choosing Your Dissertation Topic

Writing a dissertation/thesis is a requirement for all undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate students before graduation. It is a way students contribute to existing research on their field of students or develop their own hypotheses in an uncharted area. 

That notwithstanding, coming by a topic can be very difficult. If you find yourself in that situation, then this article is just for you. Here are some tips to consider when writing your dissertation.

  1. Write about something you find interesting 

It can take a pretty long time to write my dissertation. This can be weeks or months depending on your commitments towards it, hence; the need to choose something that you are passionate about. Your interest in the topic would keep you going even when there is no motivation. It would provoke your intuition to research more on the subject to develop one of the best pieces in your field of studies. Secondly, the topic should be something that has benefits for your future career. 

  1. The uniqueness of the topic

 Please don’t follow the masses when writing your academic work because it would ultimately define you. Staying unique and exploring new areas in your field of study could be exciting. It enables you to conduct your own research, secure your data, and come up with a conclusion. Some may argue that finding a new topic can be very difficult. Rightly so, but it is possible. That said, you can still choose an already researched topic and pursue it differently. 

  1. Stay within your limit 

Your dissertation may have some restrictions depending on your university’s rules and regulations governing it. Among other things, you may have a restricted word count or level or research. Imagine choosing a broad topic, and you later find out it would exceed the required pages or word count? Or a subject you cannot explore in totality due to lack of data. In order not to alter the structure of your work, choose what fits your standard.

  1. Don’t narrow yourself 

In as much as you wouldn’t want to broaden your scope of work overly, try not to make it too narrow. Don’t select a topic likely to be challenging to expand; otherwise, it will affect your entire project’s quality. Remember that you have a word count to meet.

  1. Research the topic

The best way to determine whether you’ve chosen the right topic or not is to research. You need to find out whether the subject under consideration has enough resource materials in case you want to expand your dissertation. Remember that choosing a topic with limited resources can get you stuck along the way. 

  1. Seek advice 

In times of academic trouble, the best person to consult is your tutor. So if you find it challenging to come up with a theme, don’t hesitate to talk to them. They will be ready to discuss your topic ideas and probably direct you on what to choose.

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