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Sales alone cannot support the work that Starcherone Books does in promoting innovative fiction through publication of new titles and creating audiences for challenging works of new writing. We need your support. Starcherone is designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and a New York State charity. Donations in any amount are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


$40 - The Robert Creeley Good Company
With a gift in this amount, you will receive our most current title as a thank you for contributing at the Good Company level.

$120 - The Samuel Beckett Ultimate Rubbish Bin
A gift in this amount entitles you our two most recent (2014) books, Aimee Parkison's The Petals of Your Eyes and Steven Hendricks's Little is Left to Tell, and our next two (2015), Michael Joyce's Foucault, in Winter, in the Linnaeus Garden, and Bryan Hart's prize-winning, Everybody Wants to Be Ambassador to France. Substitutions of other books permitted.

$500 - The George Perec Liberative Constraint
Monsieur/Madame, you are a true benefactor of the arts. For this, you will receive our entire lifetime run of 36 books — all that we have done to date through the end of 2015, including our rare o.o.p. Zachary Mason edition and 2015 titles by Joyce, Hurt, and (new) Donald Breckenridge. Wow! Where's my credit card?

Choose your own amount - The Gertrude Stein Each One as She May

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